Harden Your Accelerator Cluster


ElectricAccelerator dramatically accelerates software builds and tests by safely parallelizing jobs across shared clusters of physical or cloud CPU’s.  Although EA is resistant to agent failures, there are steps you can take to harden your cluster. Software builds have joined the ranks of other "mission critical" services.  If you want...

Reporting and Charting in ElectricCommander


For this article, I would like to review the different ways to report and chart with ElectricCommander. Each has its pros and cons and not every solution is a perfect fit for your needs. We will look at the following: CI reports Standard reports and BIRT extension Unplug and HTML...

Agile @Home: Let’s Do Some Laundry!


A little over a year ago, Electric Cloud switched its engineering practices to embrace Agile practices, and Scrum in particular. We went through a 2-3 day on-site seminar with a trainer, and then the engineering and product management leadership went through an intense follow-on 2 day session. It was a...

Welcome to the new Electric Cloud: As Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps have evolved, so too have we


Software is everywhere and is certainly in the limelight these days – the good, the bad and the ugly. Many of us long-time industry veterans aren’t surprised that software is now front-page news. “Code” developed quietly beneath the surface of public-facing business processes is very front-and-center today. Just look at...

DockerCon Hackathon


This past weekend, I took part in the DockerCon Hackathon with teammates Sid & Nikhil. It was an incredibly rewarding experience and worthy of my first post to the EC blog.   How it works There were 17 teams of 1-3 people.  We had 24 hours to create something showcasing Docker after which we would present...

The Emergence of Multi-Domain Continuous Delivery


Cars, airplanes, medical devices and other technology products are becoming increasingly more software-centric, with end-users expecting a connected experience similar to today’s consumer-focused smartphones. With the importance of software for differentiation in today’s market driven by Internet of Things and Industrial Internet initiatives, it’s clear that every business needs to...

Meet Us At The 2014 SDLC Acceleration Summit

Electric Cloud at SDLC

Electric Cloud is excited to participate in the Parasoft 2014 SDLC Acceleration Summit. If you are a member of the IT team who is challenged to do more with fewer resources, this conference is for you! To help whet your whistle on the fantastic acceleration (almost 6X faster!) that EC + Parasoft can...


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