Accelerating Software Delivery

Gradle Build Analytics and Dependency Visualization

November 20, 2013 Update: The annotation-generator available on GitHub have been extended to now also leverage internal dependency information from Gradle – enabling interactive traversal through the dependency graph and additional reporting such as e.g. Longest Serial Chain and ElectricSimulator. ===================================== With the announcement from earlier this year that the Android Studio should feature Gradle […]

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OnAndroidConf: Accelerating the Android Platform Build

Last week I presented a session called “Accelerating the Android Platform Build” at the OnAndroidConf 2013 conference. Compared to what we have presented and talked about at various other Android and Embedded events earlier in the year, the content of this session was updated with new data based upon the ElectricAccelerator 7.1 Javadoc Caching work […]

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Q&A from ElectricAccelerator Visual Studio webinar

Earlier today I ran a webinar titled “Accelerating your Visual Studio Build Environment with ElectricAccelerator”. It was a short and concise 20 minute presentation followed by Q&A, highlighting the overall value proposition of ElectricAccelerator while also discussing the new capabilities and features of the ElectricAccelerator Visual Studio Add-in 4.0. The webinar was well-attended with quite […]

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Major update to the ElectricAccelerator Visual Studio Integration

Earlier this week, Electric Cloud announced the immediate availability of the ElectricAccelerator Visual Studio Integration v4.0. For any user of ElectricAccelerator in a Visual Stuio environment, this new release contains a number of significant usability and performance enhancing capabilities: Visual Studio IDE Integration Major modernization of the ElectricAccelerator Visual Studio IDE integration, significantly enhancing configuration […]

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Electric Cloud – a Cloud Company After All?

Whenever I get asked about what Electric Cloud do, my simple elevator pitch is about how we help our customers and end-users develop and deliver their software products to the market much faster – Accelerating Software Delivery. If there is more interest from the person or audience I’m talking to, I bring up the Developer […]

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Yocto/OpenEmbedded Bitbake Build Visualization

As ecosystems such as the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded becomes more popular for embedded device development, usage of the underlying bitbake build tool is increasing. Bitbake is a powerful tool used to manage, build and integrate complete operating system images, through package and distribution management activities such as fetching of source code, configuration, cross-compilation, installation. […]

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5 aspects that makes Continuous Delivery for Embedded different

There are a lot of general theories and principles available on the concept of Continuous Delivery – and how an ideal product development organization should strive to continuously deliver release-ready product to end-users on every change of software, hardware, configuration or data. There is also an abundance of available material and practical recommendations on how […]

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Is It Worth The Time?

The current webcomic on titled “Is It Worth The Time” has a fantastic table listing how long you can work on making a routine task more efficient before you’re spending more time than you will save, based on a 5-year payback plan. As a company spending most of our time and effort focusing on […]

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Looking to transform your large-scale development organization?

Stuck in old legacy? Fighting a slow development process? Are complex dependencies between teams and product architecture prohibiting your ability to innovate? Struggling to adopt or scale Agile? A few weeks back I read “A Practical Approach to Large-Scale Agile Development: How HP Transformed LaserJet FutureSmart Firmware” by Gary Gruver, Mike Smith and Pat Fulghum. […]

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ElectricAccelerator 7 – pushing the boundaries of build acceleration, again

Today, Electric Cloud is announcing the immediate availability of ElectricAccelerator 7.0. This release brings significant new innovations and performance enhancements to the market for anyone looking to optimize and accelerate their software build environment. We have publicly launched and talked about some of the new capabilities of this release already, back in February at the […]

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