Accelerating Software Delivery

CD and Embedded – Another Note on this Topic

Our PM David Rosen, recently wrote an excellent blog on Continuous Delivery (CD) and its applicability to embedded technologies.  And it goes to the heart of what we hear often from our embedded prospects and customers – Can we really do CD? I understand the confusion and angst and would like to point the readers […]

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Taming the Android Monster

A few weeks ago, we released our Android software delivery solution – which enables Android software teams build, test and release Android solutions more efficiently and faster. Since that release, we have had many discussions with Android development teams and our hypothesis of the need for such a “delivery solution” has  been spot on Indeed, […]

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Can your engineering team deliver one product every week to the marketplace?

I recently read an excellent note on  The net-net “wow” of this article can be summed up in this one sentence “Between January and the end of April, the South Korean manufacturer announced an average of one new smartphone per week.” Now,  these devices are not simple to manufacture. They include high, mid range, and low end phones, tablets […]

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3 Steps to Automate Your Way to Agile

Join our embedded webinar presented by VDC Tuesday, April 16th, at 9AM PDT/ 12PM EDT/ 4PM GMT Register now: We all know that Agile enables software organizations to continuously deliver working software faster to customers (internal or external). This helps software teams to not only deliver products faster but also in tune with the changing market needs. […]

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Electric Cloud selected as 2013 DevOps Cool Vendor

Today, Electric Cloud was selected as a 2013 Cool Vendor by Gartner. We strongly believe that the selection is  a testament to the value that we provide to the Dev and Ops team in today’s fast paced application release process. Gartner has always considered automation as a key cornerstone of DevOps and Electric Cloud solutions automate […]

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Electric Cloud Helps Top Networking Vendor Go Green

In my 2 years at Electric Cloud I have talked to innumerable Dev and Ops prospects and customers – I thought I had heard it all. I pretty much knew all the use cases that drove teams to look for solutions like our: Faster application time-to–market Improved software quality Improved developer productivity Better development process […]

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Harnessing the Cloud for On-Demand Software Testing

Agile testing starts with the developer. And, as coding progresses, the developer builds up an increasingly large set of unit tests. Best practice suggests that all these tests should be run in their entirety. Additionally, some progressive build and DevOps managers encourage developers to run tests more often, even continuously. These tests serve as early […]

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Development team focused on engineering processes rather than innovation?

Is your software development team mired in thousands of hours building, fixing, and running engineering processes?  Like many of your peer organizations, it’s a fact that engineers hired to design, develop and create innovative software products spend a good chunk of their time developing supporting tools to enable them to do their jobs. Recently, Brocade, […]

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Android Blog series – Build challenges (Part 3)

As we talk with device vendors and their challenges in releasing high quality products to market timely, the need to address faster and accurate software builds stands out as one of the primary challenges everyone is trying to solve on a daily basis.  Build times, whether, individual developer builds, integration or release builds, take too […]

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The need for speed, planning for parallel test execution

Build is largely a solved problem.  CI is prevalent in the industry, people understand how to speed up builds and frequently if using C/C++ turn to ElectricAccelerator to get fast, reliable builds.  Unfortunately, testing is still a problem. The problem with test automation Compared to build and deployment automation test automation in many companies is […]

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