Accelerating Software Delivery

Why I Love ElectricAccelerator — and You Should Too

I’ve been writing software professionally for more than two decades. In April I will have spent 12 of those years at Electric Cloud working on ElectricAccelerator, first as a regular software engineer and now as chief architect. In Silicon Valley people sometimes look at me in shock — or maybe pity — when they hear […]

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5 aspects that makes Continuous Delivery for Embedded different

There are a lot of general theories and principles available on the concept of Continuous Delivery – and how an ideal product development organization should strive to continuously deliver release-ready product to end-users on every change of software, hardware, configuration or data. There is also an abundance of available material and practical recommendations on how […]

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Looking to transform your large-scale development organization?

Stuck in old legacy? Fighting a slow development process? Are complex dependencies between teams and product architecture prohibiting your ability to innovate? Struggling to adopt or scale Agile? A few weeks back I read “A Practical Approach to Large-Scale Agile Development: How HP Transformed LaserJet FutureSmart Firmware” by Gary Gruver, Mike Smith and Pat Fulghum. […]

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3 Steps to Automate Your Way to Agile

Join our embedded webinar presented by VDC Tuesday, April 16th, at 9AM PDT/ 12PM EDT/ 4PM GMT Register now: We all know that Agile enables software organizations to continuously deliver working software faster to customers (internal or external). This helps software teams to not only deliver products faster but also in tune with the changing market needs. […]

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Harnessing the Cloud for On-Demand Software Testing

Agile testing starts with the developer. And, as coding progresses, the developer builds up an increasingly large set of unit tests. Best practice suggests that all these tests should be run in their entirety. Additionally, some progressive build and DevOps managers encourage developers to run tests more often, even continuously. These tests serve as early […]

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The need for speed, planning for parallel test execution

Build is largely a solved problem.  CI is prevalent in the industry, people understand how to speed up builds and frequently if using C/C++ turn to ElectricAccelerator to get fast, reliable builds.  Unfortunately, testing is still a problem. The problem with test automation Compared to build and deployment automation test automation in many companies is […]

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Everything you need to know about releasing Android products (Part 2)

In part 1, we described the dynamics of the Android market – the breakneck speed of innovation and the challenges faced in keeping up with this exponential growth. In this post, we discuss the challenges in greater detail. Android development and release teams are spending enormous amount of resources refining their processes to bring out […]

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More from the front lines at the Electric Cloud SKO – PARTNER time!

We have three great partners speaking at the SKO. In order of appearance: Todd Feinroth – Opscode Dudley McBride – Rally Wayne Ariola – Parasoft What do they all have in common besides presenting at the SKO and working for awesome companies? They see unique opportunities by partnering with ElectricCloud. I look forward to being […]

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Adding Agility and Quality to Android Devices

Earlier this year we announced our partnership with Wind River, an Intel subsidiary. Our joint solution handles a very relevant and hot topic in the mobile space. Solving quality and time to market crisis that Android device manufactures are experiencing. We are excited to present an upcoming joint session where experts in the area will […]

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Electric Cloud and Opscode(Chef) Showcase End to End DevOps Automation

Today at SUMMIT 2012, Electric Cloud’s annual customer conference, I am very excited to be joined by Opscode as a speaker and sponsor. Together, we are showcasing a joint vision and demonstrating end to end  DevOps scenario. We believe our collaboration starts to deliver on the promise of Continuous Delivery that many of our customers […]

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