Accelerating Software Delivery

Is It Worth The Time?

The current webcomic on titled “Is It Worth The Time” has a fantastic table listing how long you can work on making a routine task more efficient before you’re spending more time than you will save, based on a 5-year payback plan. As a company spending most of our time and effort focusing on […]

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What would you do with 200 compute cores spread across 57 hosts?

As a Product Manager, customer stories and end-user anecdotes are the best input to appreciate the work you are doing and the value you provide to the world. It’s also great for understanding where the market is heading and what unsolved problems exists out there that needs to be addressed and solved next. To that […]

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The need for speed, planning for parallel test execution

Build is largely a solved problem.  CI is prevalent in the industry, people understand how to speed up builds and frequently if using C/C++ turn to ElectricAccelerator to get fast, reliable builds.  Unfortunately, testing is still a problem. The problem with test automation Compared to build and deployment automation test automation in many companies is […]

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Everything you need to know about releasing Android products (Part 2)

In part 1, we described the dynamics of the Android market – the breakneck speed of innovation and the challenges faced in keeping up with this exponential growth. In this post, we discuss the challenges in greater detail. Android development and release teams are spending enormous amount of resources refining their processes to bring out […]

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Introducing ElectricCommander 4.2

Electric Cloud is pleased to announce the release of ElectricCommander v4.2. Summary This release brings substantial new functionality to improve software development team productivity and shorten time to value. Among these new features are a redesigned resources page, centralized agent installs and updates, an enhanced security model for agents, a new built-in license to increase […]

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Static Code Analysis Acceleration

The applicability of the ElectricAccelerator platform extends well beyond the software build acceleration use case. I often hear of users that are leveraging the powerful workload distribution, real-time job scheduling and safe parallelism capabilities of the product to accelerate and manage many other compute intensive development and engineering processes such as unit or functional testing, […]

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Electric Cloud and Rally Integrations – Practically Joined at the Hip

I recently explored the integration between ElectricCommander and the Rally Agile ALM platform.  Rally provides teams an easy way to plan and track agile software development projects.  The Rally plugin for ElectricCommander is very flexible.  It allows you to create, modify or delete any object in Rally, so automated processes in ElectricCommander can be connected […]

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Avoiding unintended build serialization

While attending our user summit a couple of weeks back, I had an interesting conversation with one of our customers.  He had expressed excitement over discovering some unintended and unwanted CI build serialization.  In this case, it happened to be in the unit test phase of his build.  They had all of their unit tests […]

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Electric Cloud and Opscode(Chef) Showcase End to End DevOps Automation

Today at SUMMIT 2012, Electric Cloud’s annual customer conference, I am very excited to be joined by Opscode as a speaker and sponsor. Together, we are showcasing a joint vision and demonstrating end to end  DevOps scenario. We believe our collaboration starts to deliver on the promise of Continuous Delivery that many of our customers […]

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Process automation and orchestration as seen at JavaOne

This year I got the chance to attend JavaOne.  I attended some interesting sessions and there was quite a buzz around the show compared to last year. As I have worked in the development tools space for most of my career I couldn’t help checking out all things related to process automation. Build automation was […]

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