Accelerating Software Delivery

DevOps and Continuous Delivery Drive Modern Software Development

The demands of the modern enterprise require the software development process to work at its utmost efficiency. The halcyon days of the Waterfall methodology are long past, and even the Agile Manifesto is over a decade old. Collaboration and communication are vital, as the speed of business can’t afford to wait on an outdated software […]

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2014: The Year of Continuous Delivery

We’re just a few weeks into the New Year, and I’m already extremely excited for what’s to come in 2014.  Software development is becoming a critical core competency at Enterprise IT, Web and embedded systems companies around the world, and Continuous Delivery and DevOps initiatives are underway.  A recent Forrester Research survey of Fortune 1000 companies […]

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Electric Cloud selected as 2013 DevOps Cool Vendor

Today, Electric Cloud was selected as a 2013 Cool Vendor by Gartner. We strongly believe that the selection is  a testament to the value that we provide to the Dev and Ops team in today’s fast paced application release process. Gartner has always considered automation as a key cornerstone of DevOps and Electric Cloud solutions automate […]

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Electric Cloud Helps Top Networking Vendor Go Green

In my 2 years at Electric Cloud I have talked to innumerable Dev and Ops prospects and customers – I thought I had heard it all. I pretty much knew all the use cases that drove teams to look for solutions like our: Faster application time-to–market Improved software quality Improved developer productivity Better development process […]

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Build-to-ship vs build-to-operate

When discussing software delivery activities, there is often ambiguity when defining the types of software that is delivered, and hence, the delivery pipeline activities that need to be done. Is it embedded? OTS? Enterprise software? Packaged software? Web apps? mobile back-end? Mobile apps (client side)? OS and drivers? Web services? Internet services? In reality, from […]

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More from the front lines at the Electric Cloud SKO – PARTNER time!

We have three great partners speaking at the SKO. In order of appearance: Todd Feinroth – Opscode Dudley McBride – Rally Wayne Ariola – Parasoft What do they all have in common besides presenting at the SKO and working for awesome companies? They see unique opportunities by partnering with ElectricCloud. I look forward to being […]

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Introducing ElectricCommander 4.2

Electric Cloud is pleased to announce the release of ElectricCommander v4.2. Summary This release brings substantial new functionality to improve software development team productivity and shorten time to value. Among these new features are a redesigned resources page, centralized agent installs and updates, an enhanced security model for agents, a new built-in license to increase […]

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DevOps – a controversial term?

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with a gentleman who had some extremely strong opinions on the use of the term DevOps by vendors.  To put it bluntly, he hated the way vendors are using the term DevOps.  To him, DevOps is purely a mindset, not a product suite as he argued vendors are […]

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Testing is more than running the software

This is old news to some most, but I’m going to state it anyway. “Testing is more than running the software” Today I finished a bit larger test project that I’ve been working on for the last month (it’s “done-done”… it even has documentation!). The test project is test automation for doing performance measurements when […]

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Chef & Electric Cloud is all you need for your DevOps cooking, Soup to Nuts. Join Us Nov 29th.

After our recent joint session at Summit 2012, Opscode and Electric Cloud are at it again. Join us Nov 29th for a joint webinar where our thought leaders share the DevOps trends, tips for getting Continuous Delivery right and a detailed illustration of how Opscode’ Chef and Electric Cloud’s Devops platform works together. We have […]

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